Welcome to my blog. I have never been the kind of girl that knew the style of dress I wanted for my wedding, I never had a particular venue in mind, infact I always thought i'd fly away to a paradise island and get married just me and him in the sunshine.

However, my other half is very family orientated and wanted to have all our friends and family with us...so I had a challenge ahead. All I knew is that I didn't want a traditional style wedding, so my search for ideas began.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Sneak Preview

As the days are passing by, my house is quickly filling up with bits for the wedding, the spare room is full of sweets, cake stands and shoes, my sideboard is a storage place for my jars, and little bits that I've made, my dining table has constant bits of ribbon, scissors, glue sticks and paper all over, the coffee table is normally covered in notebooks, RSVP's, eBay packages and wedding related papers.

I'm normally a tidy person and everything needs a home, so it's hard to deal with but it's my own stuff and I know it's all for a good reason so I am coping.

I thought I'd up a few pictures as a sneak preview of some of the bits...I can't wait to see it all come together on the day.

My wooden hearts and rectangles ready to be painted with chalkboard paint.

My collection of sweets!

I made these cute little picks to pop into marshmallow and cupcakes on the candy buffet table.

My collection of jars so far. Taking over my side board. I am in the process of making up some tags to attach to ribbon with the names of the sweets on and I will tie around the jars.

More to follow when I have produced some more cute little bits.xxx

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Cute little extras.

Yesterday was the RSVP due date. This means we now know exactly who and how many people will be attending our wedding, and can now therefore begin the seating plan! What a task!

The hubby to be and I discussed it and thought the best thing to do was just do it at random and mix in all our families and friends. So I cut out each name and set out eight names for each table..and then I thought, well people will need to be able to have a conversation so we will put people together that may have things in common, so they can get to know each other and there's no need for small talk..this is when it gets complicated. So anyway, I'm currently in the process of sorting the table plan, trying not to think about it too much, but just enough so that our families can enjoy themselves and get chatting to each other.

I have the place name tags, made up, just need to write them out and I did some research into how to present the seating plans so that they are clear and fit in with my theme - and I found the perfect idea for me...

They will be easy to make with a luggage tag template, they fit in with my theme as I am using luggage tags as a big feature of the day and I have already planned for the guests to write any messages to us on a large luggage tags and peg it to a line of string that we will set up. So this idea is perfect.

I'm going to use the luggage tag template to make the table name labels too.

Carrying on this theme, I found these amazingly cute little party picks on Etsy and though I could easily make something similar to them myself.

I can use these to stick into the cupcakes and marshmallows on my candy buffet table, and i'm going to make some slightly bigger ones and put them on ribbon to tie around my sweetie jars.

Still on the subject of the candy buffet, I bought all my sweets this weekend. I went to a local wholesale supermarket and bought a large selection of my favorite sweets. I cannot wait to eat them, and share them with my guests of course!

I'm currently looking at wedding signs to point guests in the right direction, I don't know whether to go wooden, metal or totally DIY...decisions decisions. I think these are a lovely idea, and can be a good little keep sake aswell, I want one that sticks into the ground, and then i'd stick it in garden after the wedding as a reminder of the day.

Last week I ordered 3 large wooden hearts and 3 wooden rectangles and my lovely little grandad has said he will paint them in chalkboard paint for me. The hearts can be used for the photo booth and the rectangles can sit on my mini easels and can be placed around he venue with information on for the guests.

I love the idea of having all these handmade cute little extras dotted around that really make a difference to the whole appearance.x