Welcome to my blog. I have never been the kind of girl that knew the style of dress I wanted for my wedding, I never had a particular venue in mind, infact I always thought i'd fly away to a paradise island and get married just me and him in the sunshine.

However, my other half is very family orientated and wanted to have all our friends and family with us...so I had a challenge ahead. All I knew is that I didn't want a traditional style wedding, so my search for ideas began.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Mr and Mrs.

11th June 2011

I arrived at the venue in 'Dolly' with my chief bridesmaid with me to keep me calm, she did an amazing job as chief bridesmaid and helped me out so much - the best sister in law anybody could ask for, and doesn't she look fantastic!

I wasn't really feeling that nervous at this point, it was more excitement than anything now, knowing that my gorgeous husband-to-be was stood upstairs and in a matter of minutes I would be stood there with him, saying the vows which meant we agreed to share the rest of our lives together.

We had a few photo's of us all together and in we went.

The ceremony was upstairs, so I got a nosy at the tables as I walked past, and I was so happy with the way it looked. The team at Ridgmont House did everything just perfect and exactly as I wanted.

So, we stood making sure we all knew what to do, when to go and where to stand..and then the music started. We had asked the pianist to play Pachelbel's Canon in D, although thinking back I don't remember really hearing the music and I didn't notice all the people I was walking past, I just wanted to see Nick.

As soon as Nick saw me, he told me I looked beautiful! I think he had some dust in his eye, as it looked a bit teary.

I do solemnly declare that...'
I call upon these persons here present...'

'I give you this ring as a symbol and token of our marriage and the sharing of our lives together'

'....you are now husband and wife together'

Now for Pimms and bucks fizz on the lawn, while we had the photo's taken. The Grooms mother is part of a choir, and we asked them if they could sing at our wedding for us, they were fantastic and even learnt 'Herman's Hermit's - I'm into something good' as requested by us.

After the photo's and drinks, it was inside for the eagerly awaited Bangers and Mash with Onion Gravy, and homemade Apple Pie and Custard for dessert - our favorite meal! Oh, and the speeches of course!

The father of the bride's speech was short but sweet and he got a few laughs - at my expense! Thanks Dad! ha ha!

The Grooms speech, or should I say Speeches, seeing as he had 3 - well I definitely won't forget that anytime soon.

And the Best Mans speech was full of kind words, laughs and embarrassment - mainly on the grooms behalf this time. Perfect Best Man's Speech - Well done Christopher, you did us proud!

We had a rat pack singer on during our meal, Frankie Paris, we had seen him at a previous event and knew we had to have him at our wedding. He is brilliant.

Our first dance was Candi Staton - You got the Love followed by Joy Division - Love will Tear us apart - this second dance song was the husbands choice, but I think it suited us just fine, it was a fun day and showed off our easy going personalities.

My sister in law made our amazing wedding cake. We didn't know what it was going to be like and had no idea what to expect, we left the whole design of the cake up to her, we knew she would do us proud - and she did just that!

Our photographer set up his stuff upstairs, and provided us with a photo booth type area, I had made props to use and collected some fancy dress items so this was open for our guests to use. The photographer sold framed copies or key rings of the photos to people that wanted them and this is how he made his money for the night, as we didn't need to pay any extra for this service.

One thing I was especially proud of was my Candy Buffet, I did it all myself apart from the cupcakes and I think it looked fab!

Finally, the last dance. The dance that was the most special to us. The moment was just amazing. We had Ian Brown - Stellify which is one of our favorite songs, and we thought it'd be perfect to end the day with it. As this song came on everybody slowly stopped dancing and made a circle around us two who had the last dance to ourselves, by this time we had had a few drinks and a perfect day so we were much more comfortable having this dance compared to the first one, it's a feeling I will remember forever and every time I hear that song now it puts a smile on my face.

So, that's a quick review of our wedding. It was a perfect day and I enjoyed every minute of it, now onto enjoying every minute of my married life.x

My suppliers:

Photography - Paul Barron Photography
Wedding Dress - Oh My Honey by Louise O'Mahony
Bridesmaid Dresses - Oh My Honey by Louise O'Mahony
'Dolly' the Campervan - Chase the Sun
Venue and Food - Ridgmont House
Flowers - Flower Butler
Veil - The net was bought on Ebay and he veil was put together by my hairdresser and friend Stacey Brandwood, the bow was handmade by the Grooms Aunty.
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins
Sweet Bags - Ebay
Sweet Scoops - Amazon
Sweet Jars - Ikea
Photo Booth Props - Handmade by me

A feature of our wedding can also be found on Fifties Wedding - Please take a look. The blog is so helpful and I definitely recommend it to anybody who is interested in the 1950's.

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  1. Becky your day is a DIY triumphant! It looks AMAZING!!! xxx