Welcome to my blog. I have never been the kind of girl that knew the style of dress I wanted for my wedding, I never had a particular venue in mind, infact I always thought i'd fly away to a paradise island and get married just me and him in the sunshine.

However, my other half is very family orientated and wanted to have all our friends and family with us...so I had a challenge ahead. All I knew is that I didn't want a traditional style wedding, so my search for ideas began.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

The lead up to our big day...

Wow! What an amazing month June has been for me! Our wedding on 11th June was perfect, absolutely amazing, I had the time of my life and I am so happy to be Mrs Ebbitt.

The day before the wedding was quite stressful, probably the most I've been stressed leading up to the big day, it was the day of final preparations, taking everything up to the venue, getting my eyelashes, eyebrows and nails done, making sure everything was cut, glued and presented correctly and checking all the bridesmaids were sorted and organised and knew exactly what was happening the next day. After all this was done and I was happy everything was in order, the ladies and I took time out to have a meal and cocktails at the local Frankie and Benny's, took the time to chill out, laugh about the hen do and share our excitement, and nerves, about the following day. After the meal it was back home, where I didn't really get much sleep but I didn't really expect too anyway with so much going on in my head.

The morning of the wedding started off quite chilled out, my bridesmaid made us all Bacon Butties while my hairdresser came round first thing and did my hair (and how amazing it was!). Me and two of my bridesmaids then went on to the Benefit counter at Boots where we were booked in for our free make up session, another bridesmaid stayed at my house, got her hair done by my hairdresser and did her nails. After this we went on up to my now mother-in-law's house - this was where we were leaving from to go to the venue. It was all feeling very real now.

Up at the in-law's, the flowers had arrived along with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for the bride, that was me...eeek. Unfortunately I had missed the flowers being delivered due to delays getting our make-up done, but when I opened the card attached to the flowers and read the message 'I can't wait to marry you'. I cried.

My hairdresser popped up here a little later on to have a play about with the masterpiece that was my veil. She popped the sheet of veil onto my head, pinned it, shaped it and snipped it into the fabulous veil, popped on the bow and here I was, a 50's bride...now, just to put on the dress.

Another hairdresser was also there to do the rest of the bridesmaids hair, he was so excited to be doing the retro styles, and he did such a fantastic job, they all looked brilliant!

Once we were all into our dresses, the photographer came round and got a few photo's of us finishing up...

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