Welcome to my blog. I have never been the kind of girl that knew the style of dress I wanted for my wedding, I never had a particular venue in mind, infact I always thought i'd fly away to a paradise island and get married just me and him in the sunshine.

However, my other half is very family orientated and wanted to have all our friends and family with us...so I had a challenge ahead. All I knew is that I didn't want a traditional style wedding, so my search for ideas began.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Almost there...

I haven't blogged for a while as most my spare time has consisted of making things. I've always enjoyed being creative, and having finished my Interior Design course early last year I haven't had much creative stuff to do other than the odd room designs for friends here and there, so I'm really enjoying creating and making little bits for the big day.

As shown in previous posts I made my own cute but simple wedding invites, and I've made moustaches and other props on sticks, along with some quirky signs for my photo booth and cute picks saying 'love is sweet' and 'i do'.

My sister in law is making our cupcakes and she has been trying out different flavours, so I've made some cupcake picks labelling the different flavours :

I asked my dad to collect me some glass coke bottles from his partners bar as I thought these might look quite good mixed in around the candy buffet as they are pretty retro looking, then I decided to make some little signs that I could pop in each bottle - I designed and made these, so simple but cute, I love them:

With 25 days to go, I thought I'd best try and get an idea of what the candy buffet would look like, so I took over our coffee table and tried to set it up best I could with the space I had available. The final thing will have lots of cake stands and cupcakes dotted around along with the coke bottles, sweet bags, scoops and marshmallows, but here are a few pics to show how it's looking so far:

The seating plan has been done and name tags are sorted. Each table is named after a kind of sweet, I've presented the table plans on large tags that I'm going to peg to ribbon, here's a little preview:

I'm so excited to put all my creations and ideas together in one room and see what it all looks like together, it's a very fun, retro theme and it makes it that little bit more special that it's DIY!


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  1. Wow Becci you are the Queen of DIY Weddings!!!

    You've worked so hard, you really put me to shame ;o) Can't wait to see all your great details in your pics xxx