Welcome to my blog. I have never been the kind of girl that knew the style of dress I wanted for my wedding, I never had a particular venue in mind, infact I always thought i'd fly away to a paradise island and get married just me and him in the sunshine.

However, my other half is very family orientated and wanted to have all our friends and family with us...so I had a challenge ahead. All I knew is that I didn't want a traditional style wedding, so my search for ideas began.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Mr and Mrs.

11th June 2011

I arrived at the venue in 'Dolly' with my chief bridesmaid with me to keep me calm, she did an amazing job as chief bridesmaid and helped me out so much - the best sister in law anybody could ask for, and doesn't she look fantastic!

I wasn't really feeling that nervous at this point, it was more excitement than anything now, knowing that my gorgeous husband-to-be was stood upstairs and in a matter of minutes I would be stood there with him, saying the vows which meant we agreed to share the rest of our lives together.

We had a few photo's of us all together and in we went.

The ceremony was upstairs, so I got a nosy at the tables as I walked past, and I was so happy with the way it looked. The team at Ridgmont House did everything just perfect and exactly as I wanted.

So, we stood making sure we all knew what to do, when to go and where to stand..and then the music started. We had asked the pianist to play Pachelbel's Canon in D, although thinking back I don't remember really hearing the music and I didn't notice all the people I was walking past, I just wanted to see Nick.

As soon as Nick saw me, he told me I looked beautiful! I think he had some dust in his eye, as it looked a bit teary.

I do solemnly declare that...'
I call upon these persons here present...'

'I give you this ring as a symbol and token of our marriage and the sharing of our lives together'

'....you are now husband and wife together'

Now for Pimms and bucks fizz on the lawn, while we had the photo's taken. The Grooms mother is part of a choir, and we asked them if they could sing at our wedding for us, they were fantastic and even learnt 'Herman's Hermit's - I'm into something good' as requested by us.

After the photo's and drinks, it was inside for the eagerly awaited Bangers and Mash with Onion Gravy, and homemade Apple Pie and Custard for dessert - our favorite meal! Oh, and the speeches of course!

The father of the bride's speech was short but sweet and he got a few laughs - at my expense! Thanks Dad! ha ha!

The Grooms speech, or should I say Speeches, seeing as he had 3 - well I definitely won't forget that anytime soon.

And the Best Mans speech was full of kind words, laughs and embarrassment - mainly on the grooms behalf this time. Perfect Best Man's Speech - Well done Christopher, you did us proud!

We had a rat pack singer on during our meal, Frankie Paris, we had seen him at a previous event and knew we had to have him at our wedding. He is brilliant.

Our first dance was Candi Staton - You got the Love followed by Joy Division - Love will Tear us apart - this second dance song was the husbands choice, but I think it suited us just fine, it was a fun day and showed off our easy going personalities.

My sister in law made our amazing wedding cake. We didn't know what it was going to be like and had no idea what to expect, we left the whole design of the cake up to her, we knew she would do us proud - and she did just that!

Our photographer set up his stuff upstairs, and provided us with a photo booth type area, I had made props to use and collected some fancy dress items so this was open for our guests to use. The photographer sold framed copies or key rings of the photos to people that wanted them and this is how he made his money for the night, as we didn't need to pay any extra for this service.

One thing I was especially proud of was my Candy Buffet, I did it all myself apart from the cupcakes and I think it looked fab!

Finally, the last dance. The dance that was the most special to us. The moment was just amazing. We had Ian Brown - Stellify which is one of our favorite songs, and we thought it'd be perfect to end the day with it. As this song came on everybody slowly stopped dancing and made a circle around us two who had the last dance to ourselves, by this time we had had a few drinks and a perfect day so we were much more comfortable having this dance compared to the first one, it's a feeling I will remember forever and every time I hear that song now it puts a smile on my face.

So, that's a quick review of our wedding. It was a perfect day and I enjoyed every minute of it, now onto enjoying every minute of my married life.x

My suppliers:

Photography - Paul Barron Photography
Wedding Dress - Oh My Honey by Louise O'Mahony
Bridesmaid Dresses - Oh My Honey by Louise O'Mahony
'Dolly' the Campervan - Chase the Sun
Venue and Food - Ridgmont House
Flowers - Flower Butler
Veil - The net was bought on Ebay and he veil was put together by my hairdresser and friend Stacey Brandwood, the bow was handmade by the Grooms Aunty.
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins
Sweet Bags - Ebay
Sweet Scoops - Amazon
Sweet Jars - Ikea
Photo Booth Props - Handmade by me

A feature of our wedding can also be found on Fifties Wedding - Please take a look. The blog is so helpful and I definitely recommend it to anybody who is interested in the 1950's.

The lead up to our big day...

Wow! What an amazing month June has been for me! Our wedding on 11th June was perfect, absolutely amazing, I had the time of my life and I am so happy to be Mrs Ebbitt.

The day before the wedding was quite stressful, probably the most I've been stressed leading up to the big day, it was the day of final preparations, taking everything up to the venue, getting my eyelashes, eyebrows and nails done, making sure everything was cut, glued and presented correctly and checking all the bridesmaids were sorted and organised and knew exactly what was happening the next day. After all this was done and I was happy everything was in order, the ladies and I took time out to have a meal and cocktails at the local Frankie and Benny's, took the time to chill out, laugh about the hen do and share our excitement, and nerves, about the following day. After the meal it was back home, where I didn't really get much sleep but I didn't really expect too anyway with so much going on in my head.

The morning of the wedding started off quite chilled out, my bridesmaid made us all Bacon Butties while my hairdresser came round first thing and did my hair (and how amazing it was!). Me and two of my bridesmaids then went on to the Benefit counter at Boots where we were booked in for our free make up session, another bridesmaid stayed at my house, got her hair done by my hairdresser and did her nails. After this we went on up to my now mother-in-law's house - this was where we were leaving from to go to the venue. It was all feeling very real now.

Up at the in-law's, the flowers had arrived along with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for the bride, that was me...eeek. Unfortunately I had missed the flowers being delivered due to delays getting our make-up done, but when I opened the card attached to the flowers and read the message 'I can't wait to marry you'. I cried.

My hairdresser popped up here a little later on to have a play about with the masterpiece that was my veil. She popped the sheet of veil onto my head, pinned it, shaped it and snipped it into the fabulous veil, popped on the bow and here I was, a 50's bride...now, just to put on the dress.

Another hairdresser was also there to do the rest of the bridesmaids hair, he was so excited to be doing the retro styles, and he did such a fantastic job, they all looked brilliant!

Once we were all into our dresses, the photographer came round and got a few photo's of us finishing up...

Monday, 16 May 2011

Almost there...

I haven't blogged for a while as most my spare time has consisted of making things. I've always enjoyed being creative, and having finished my Interior Design course early last year I haven't had much creative stuff to do other than the odd room designs for friends here and there, so I'm really enjoying creating and making little bits for the big day.

As shown in previous posts I made my own cute but simple wedding invites, and I've made moustaches and other props on sticks, along with some quirky signs for my photo booth and cute picks saying 'love is sweet' and 'i do'.

My sister in law is making our cupcakes and she has been trying out different flavours, so I've made some cupcake picks labelling the different flavours :

I asked my dad to collect me some glass coke bottles from his partners bar as I thought these might look quite good mixed in around the candy buffet as they are pretty retro looking, then I decided to make some little signs that I could pop in each bottle - I designed and made these, so simple but cute, I love them:

With 25 days to go, I thought I'd best try and get an idea of what the candy buffet would look like, so I took over our coffee table and tried to set it up best I could with the space I had available. The final thing will have lots of cake stands and cupcakes dotted around along with the coke bottles, sweet bags, scoops and marshmallows, but here are a few pics to show how it's looking so far:

The seating plan has been done and name tags are sorted. Each table is named after a kind of sweet, I've presented the table plans on large tags that I'm going to peg to ribbon, here's a little preview:

I'm so excited to put all my creations and ideas together in one room and see what it all looks like together, it's a very fun, retro theme and it makes it that little bit more special that it's DIY!


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Hen Do...Hello Glasgow!

Well what a weekend that was! Every minute was filled with laughs, two of us started off the day watching The Royal Wedding, the girls came flowing in, the vodka and lemonade's were being poured, we sat commenting on Kate's dress, how stunning her sister looked, how silly some of the hats were, what it would possibly be like to live in the Palace and 'wowed' at the crowds of people stood outside when the lovely couple went up on the balcony for 'the kiss'.

I sat and got my nails done, while we chatted more, drunk more, ate more and laughed more as the day went on. My friend and hairdresser on the big day, popped in with a hen do balloon, a bride to be tiara and a so cute princess shot glass - such a lovely surprise!

Chilling out in the sunshine.

Late afternoon the Chief Bridesmaid, also my sister-in-law to be, arrived with a few of the grooms family members, lots of alcohol, nibbles and the bits she had bought to enable us to decorate our own t-shirts for the hen do! We were all worried that designing our own t-shirts would turn out to be a disaster, as many of the girls said they weren't very creative - we turned out to be totally wrong! It was such fun, we all got stuck in and produced some very lovely t-shirts - I love the fact that they were all so different and original, and showed off our individual personalities...

The sister in law to be shows off her...cupcakes..

Holly is totally in love with her dogs, who are treated very much like children, so we designed her this top in her absence...

Jess in her 'amazing' t-shirt - I'm just not so sure....

And my t-shirt...B is for Becci. And for Bride.

I got a special Bride sign for my t-shirt as well...

T-shirt making took us up to the late hours of the day, so once they were finished we called it a night, had to get some shut eye ready for the Glasgow Adventure!

The day arrived...

We got up, all had a natter, a brew and slowly all managed to get a shower, then it was time to jump on the mini bus, very kindly driven by the grooms dad, and we were on our way!

The journey up to Glasgow was hilarious, we were all so excited, my friend Sarah had made us all hen survival kits, these were little pink party bags including a bottle of water, a pink plastic wine glass, a plaster, paracetamol, a nail file, chewing gum and some cereal snacks, they were such a good idea, I loved them! The pink champagne was cracked open pretty much as soon as we were on the motorway, and we knew the weekend had began!

Almost at Glasgow, Hannah decided to dress me up in L Plates, a 'bride to be sash', a veil and a whistle - although I had said I didn't want all the typical hen do bits, I should have expected it really. I embraced it and kept it on for the rest of the afternoon. She had involved my hubby to be in an activity and had got him to answer a few personal questions about me, some were wrong, but all in all he did OK!

Once in Glasgow we dropped our bags at the hotel reception and headed straight down to the cheerleading place - this was hilarious, the wine and pink sambuca shots mixed with our lack of co-ordination made for a funny show!

After the cheesy cheerleading antics we headed back up to the hotel to get our glad rags on, then off we went to the karaoke booth at Mansion House...These things are amazing!!!

I was recovering from a cold and had an annoying croaky voice, but still I was made to do a solo..so I choose Spice Girls - Stop, then me and Deborah sang Beautiful South - Perfect 10 (one from our childhood memories), me and the sister in law to be sung Elbow - One day like this and Me and Jess totally ruined Joy Division - Love will tear us apart, but we did do our very best Ian Curtis dancing, which added to the hilarity of it!

Next came the meal, again at Mansion House, which was absolutely gorgeous, brilliant service and the table was set out so that all 15 of us could see each other and chat, I would highly recommend it!

After the meal we went on to a lovely cocktail bar for some fishbowls and a boogie, and then onto a nightclub for some cheesy dancing and lots of drinks...the girls slowly dwindled away from there until just 4 of us were left..we carried on until the end, the last 4 standing, until I decided to take a trip to the pavement right outside the hotel...then there was 3.

So, apart from my grazed knee (from the fall), my sore toe (from my shoes) and my sore finger (from I have no idea what) we had all made it through the night in one piece!

Next stop...The Grooms aunties in Glasgow for what must have been the best breakfast we have ever eaten....

and then home, back to the sunny North West!!! What an amazing weekend!!!

I'll be off now, but 'll leave you with this...My adorable husband to be while on his stag do in Berlin. I am such a lucky lady!